A rarer 1974 lilac coloured Whitefriars 'Knobbly' glass vase, model no 9845. Rare as Lilac was only produced around 1974.

Lilac colouring, cased in clear glass. Lightly folded, squashed or manipulated outer, as per other collectable Whitefriars Knobbly ranges from the 60s/70s. The range was designed by William Wilson and Harry Dyer in the 1960s. Made in England, blown freeform glass (so each one is different). Due to the freeform handmade manufacture of these, these have small bubbles and deliberate random undulations and folds. Also see p18 of the 1974 Whitefriars catalogue online.

This vase is 10" tall. Its 9.5cm widest near the bottom. 7cm wide rim. A very heavy 1.65kg. Would hold a half dozen stems, if used (has a narrow neck internally).

Excellent condition for age... no chips or knocks, no water staining. Base shows signs of the age and era; there's a few scratches around the baseline. It has natural internal bubbles, mostly tiny. This is a great displayable example.

Price includes P&P to the UK. 

Whitefriars lilac knobbly 9845 10" art glass vase. Folded undulating art glass

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