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A mid 1970s Whitefriars flared chimney/finger vase, model no 9729. This is the later version of model; taller, with the flared base. Circa 1974-1975.

Bark or ice textured outer, as per the popular and collectable Whitefriars of the 1960s/1970s. Most likely designed by Geoffrey Baxter. Hand made in England, blown in to a mould. Being clear this is the 'full lead crystal' or FLC clear 'Flint' colour.

This vase is catalogued as 6 3/4", but it is shorter than that at 15.9cm. The base is 58mm widest and the outside rim is 4cm. It's taller and wider than the pre 1972 '9729' vases. Suited to a single statement stem, if used as a vase.

Excellent condition for age.

Price includes P&P to the UK.

Whitefriars 9729 clear Flint flared art glass vase. Geoffrey Baxter, bark ice

£75.00 Regular Price
£67.50Sale Price
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