A fabulous and voluptuous large Vallauris vase. Made in France and circa 1960s or 1970s vintage. It's pottery/clay with matt black asymmetric handles and some awesome 'fat lava' textures. The unique lava textures are rich glossy red with turquoise and black; the layers of applied 3D glazes have deliberate undulations, drips, cracks, broken bubbles etc. The turquoise is a greeny blue duck egg tone. Internally it's a cream glaze and the outer edges and base are matt black. Very much like the West German fat lava vases from that 'fat lava' era. Unsigned.
24cm tall x 16.5cm wide with the handles x 13cm wide deep belly. Very good condition, looks very striking - great colouring! All as originally intended - the glaze has deliberate drips, pitting, burst bubbles/holes, cracks, ridges and colour splodges - please study the photos. 
It's a fascinating piece and a great example of Vallauris fat lava - perfect as a statement vase.
Includes P&P to the UK.

Vintage Vallauris fat lava vase. Bubble textured red, turquoise & black

  • west german, Scheurich, Modernist, clay, Majolica, pot, MCM, matt black, drip glaze, duck egg blue, crackle glaze, asymmetric, le cyclope