A highly collectable Stavangerflint (Norway) tea or coffee pot...
It's a ceramic teapot with stylised wild flowers - the design is 'Tiril' and was by Anne Lofthus. It's typically mid century Scandinavian and the design dates between 1959-1963, when she was employed at Stavangerflint. Off-white background glaze, with areas of yellow, teal and bright yellow hand painted within the black outline printed drawing. Stamped to the base with the logo which reads "Stavangerflint Norway". These are all slightly different being hand-painted and the range is very hard to come by. 
The pot is 15cm tall x 18.5cm longest with spout and handle. Roughly 12.5cm wide at its belly. 18cm tall with lid on. 
Excellent condition for the age, no chips or crazing. Perfect for a collector!
Free P&P to the UK.

Vintage Stavangerflint Norway teapot, Tiril by Anne Lofthus. 1960s pottery

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