A large vintage floor vase by Scheurich Keramik, West Germany, dating from the 1960s or 1970s 'fat lava' era. This vintage pottery vase is a golden toffee tan colouring, with five stripes with patterns, and indented rings. The stripes contain a vertical eye-shaped pattern within a rectangle. I believe the design is called Tundra. The glaze is glossy and speckled. Glossy brown inside. 
A typical straight-sided Scheurich shape, mid century modern and retro in styling - perfect statement for your retro interior and to add to a collection. Great size for a bunch of large statement stems or as an umbrella stand.
The shape is 268-40... 40 denoting 40cm tall. 16cm wide. Inside rim is 10.5cm wide. Stamped to the base. Excellent condition. Please see photos showing decor, colour and condition. 
Price includes P&P to the UK. A big and heavy parcel!

Vintage Scheurich 268-40 West German Tundra pottery floor vase, fat lava era

  • mid century, Bay, Modernist, Carstens, Keramik, drip glaze, bubble glaze, umbrella stand, striped, large, Brutalist, ringed, cylinder vase