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A retro vase by Scheurich Keramik, West Germany, dating from the 1960s/1970s 'fat lava' era. This vintage pottery vase is predominantly a dark warm beige colour with some criss-crossed dripping speckled glossy beige/white stripes. Smooth glazes and glossy brown inside, it has the two lovely central hoops or rings. A typical simple Scheurich shape. Mid Century Modern and retro in styling - great for your teak sideboard and to add to a collection. Perfect size for a small bunch of flowers and ideal for a neutral decor.
The shape is 209-18... 18 denoting 18cm tall (well, slightly taller). 9cm wide max. Inside rim is 4.5cm wide. Stamped to the base. Very good condition. Please see photos showing decor and condition - last photo shows two tiny manufacturing flaws, there's also a tiny fleck of glaze missing along the baseline opposite this. 
Price includes P&P to the UK.

Vintage Scheurich 209-18 West German pottery vase, Fat Lava era. 1960s/1970s

£18.00 Regular Price
£16.20Sale Price
  • mid century, Bay, Keramic, Modernist, flower, neutral decor, ochre, brown, Carstens, smooth, rocket, speckled, dripping
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