A striking and unusual green art glass Murano bowl. Vintage Italian, circa 1960s or 1970s era (I don't think it's Scandinavian, it's unsigned). 
Round shape with a simple round and solid narrow foot (would have been a fancy ashtray back in the day). The green colour is cased in clear glass - the green is very dark in the middle and fades out as it moves upwards. There's a wide rounded flat rim with a tuck underneath, see photos. I'm not sure which Murano artist to attribute it to, it's quite unusual. The central green is an emerald or malachite green.
13.3cm wide x 6cm tall. Flat polished base shows the few signs of age you'd expect for vintage glass - the dark centre core looks almost black.
Very good condition, great for the age and era. A nice smart and simple minimalist piece of mid century Italian art glass, perfect for a sideboard or coffee table.
Price includes P&P to the UK.

Vintage Murano round green art glass bowl/dish. 1960s/1970s Space Age footed

  • Seguso, Galliano Ferro, Toso, Modernist, geode, home decor, minimalist, Kosta boda, simple, emerald green, malachite green, circular, Scandinavian