A vintage handmade/mouth blown Holmegaard glass bottle. It is known as the Kluk Kluk (in Danish) or Glug Glug (in English) decanter due to the sound it makes when it is poured. Distinctive pinched middle, squarish shaped (low capacity - designed for a smaller amounts of the top-notch spirits). I believe it was designed by Jacob Bang. This one is vivid turquoise and is a miniature version. 
Holmegaard first started making the Kluk Kluk in 1840 and revived the style in 1960, so circa 1960s or 1970s vintage. No stopper, so more suited for display in a collection or as a single stem vase. Just under 5" - 12.2cm tall x 4.5cm widest. 
Excellent condition. Iconic mid century Scandinavian design.
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Vintage mini blue Holmegaard Kluk Kluk decanter, Jacob Bang. Denmark, 1960s/70s

  • spirits, mid century, Modernist, bar, carafe, wine, pinched, drunken, Cluck Cluck, drinks, turquoise, miniature, vase