A vintage Midwinter Sienna teapot...
Midwinter Sienna was designed by Jessie Tait (1928-2010) for Midwinter in 1962 on the “Fine” shape/series. The forms for the “Fine” series were designed by David Queensbury and Roy Midwinter. The shapes featured straight sided, cylindrical, stackable forms. The clay body chosen for this series was a stronger and whiter clay from previous productions. Jessie Tait designed a huge number of patterns for this shape – and Sienna became one of the most popular, continuing production until 1978. Sienna is a transfer print in fine stripes of subtle khaki/dark lime green and orange, overlaid with black freeform lines over the white cylinder shape. The retro design was really popular in its time.
Very good condition with some tiny signs of age/use. The main body is very good - clean with no chips, cracks or crazing. The lid has a small internal crack, see photos, but that's all. All useable and displayable -  great for a collection.
13cm tall pot, 16cm tall with lid on. Cylinder body is 12.5cm wide. Holds about 2 pints - so plenty of cups of tea, if used.
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Vintage Midwinter Sienna teapot, Jessie Tait. Fine range, 1960s/1970s mid

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