A stunning and large and more intricately decorated art pottery dish, by Chelsea Pottery, England. Vintage - likely to be late 1960s or 1970s.
It's beautifully hand painted with late spring flowers and leaves, with lots of green foliage and predominantly in tones of muted blue. It features subdued yellow irises, pale pink lilies(?) and some deep purple/blue lower level flowers, all with different leaves and all outlined in black. The piece is unique and signed by the artist - the initials look to be JB - I'm not sure who this is. The decor is stylised and typical of Chelsea Pottery pieces. Glossy finish, with deep brown trim on a rich red clay.
The footed bowl/dish also serves as a wall hanging - it has a replacement string for making it a wall hanging (I would replace this). The base has an original sticker - maybe if you know your Chelsea Pottery you may be able to date it from this. It is hand incised 'Chelsea Pottery England' to the reverse. It has three feet, raising it above the table top.
It's a big and heavy 27.5 x 25.5 x 5.5cm. Excellent condition, beautifully painted. This really needs to be on display in a collection.
Price includes P&P to the UK.
About Chelsea Pottery:
In London in 1952 David Rawnsley and his wife Mary started up the Chelsea Pottery in Radnor Walk, SW3. It was styled an 'open studio' - a place where any potter could come to work and learn. David soon left for warmer climates, and the pottery was left in the hands of Brian Hubbard who went on to run Chelsea for nearly forty years with the help of Joyce Morgan, modeller Frank Spindler, Barbara Ross, Daphne Corke and a large number of decorators, trained in-house, who lasted for various lengths of time. The pottery is best known for its highly decorated earthenware, the colour of the pieces being achieved by the use of painting and coloured glazes - a technique that has been referred to as 'inlay and overlay'.
Chelsea Pottery became very popular with the rich and famous in the late 60s. It closed in 1997.

Vintage large Chelsea Pottery dish. Hand drawn/painted shallow footed bowl. Blue

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