A funky and more unusual retro candle holder by Jasba, West Germany, dating from the 1960s/1970s 'fat lava' era. 
This vintage pottery candlestick is egg yolk (or sunflower) deep yellow. It has a glossy smooth glaze over a hooped rounded form with round handle. The holder holds both a tealight candle (shelf is 38mm wide) and a tapered dinner candle (inner well is 20mm wide). There is a very hard to read imprinted model number on the base - it looks to read 1156-12. 
Good vintage condition - please see all pictures, there is one 1mm outer rim chip and two further small flakes missing inside. Please see photos showing colour, glaze and condition. 
Mid Century Modern and retro in styling - perfect splash of colour for your teak sideboard and to add to a collection. 
Price includes P&P to the UK.

Vintage Jasba yellow West German pottery candle holder. 1960s/1970s retro

  • mid century, Modernist, Carstens, sunflower yellow, egg yolk yellow, Mustard, fat lava, Keramik, Scheurich, Ruscha, steuler, dinner candle, tealight