A lovely retro light blue art glass genie bottle. Like most of these, it's from around the 1970s and would have been made in the Empoli region of Italy. 
It's a typical size (21" tall) with an unusual swirly hammered pattern. The pattern is random and undulating, like rippling or melting ice. The colour is a lighter pale turquoise. It's conical shaped.
Very good condition with no chips. Bottle has no maker's marks. It's pressed glass (shaped by a mould) so has a natural formation lines and bubbles. It has a moulding/manufacturing defect line on the bottom edge, see photos 9 and 10. Stopper has lost its original plastic seal so does not sit tight/secure. 39cm tall bottle, with stopper it's 54cm tall. Stopper is 18cm tall. 
A retro statement for a windowsill, or perfect on a mid-century modern teak sideboard, or as part of a genie collection. 
Includes P&P to the UK via courier.

Vintage Empoli genie bottle/decanter. Light blue art glass hammered swirl ice

  • home decor, vase, boho, 1960s, turquoise, melting ice, cyan, conical, light blue, swirly, tapered, coloured glass, ripple