An unusual large and oval Sklo Union pale purple glass plate/dish, designed by Adolf Matura for Rudolfova Glassworks. Made from 1965 onwards, this is pattern number is 13221. Think it's known as a Polax design. It's very much like the Jurnikl dish for Rosice, but stretched and flattened. Underneath there's two tactile scoop carry handles and a feature cog-patterned foot.
Circa 1960s Czech/Bohemian origin. A solid quality moulded pressed glass item. The purple is like a warm pinky dusky mauve, again like the Rosice bowls. 
26cm x 21cm x 4.5cm (long and low). Excellent, virtually perfect condition. Some natural bubbles. Typical Sklo glass base. 
Very striking and unusual - perfect for a Sklo glass collector and perfect as a nibbles bowl for a Mid Century home!

Vintage Adolf Matura large purple art glass dish/plate. 1960s retro Rudolfova

  • Rosice, UFO, Mid century, Modernist, Bohemian, Libochovice, bowl, ashtray, platter, shallow, 1970s, space age, Jurnikl