A fab stack of vintage 1970s/1980s Tupperware salt, pepper & mustard storage pots - just like the spice pots but harder to find as produced in just 1979/1980 I believe. They're burnt orange, brown and beige... part of the iconic Autumn colourway. 
They're hard plastic pots the salt and pepper have a shaker top which prises off for refilling (in an off-white colour), and the sauce or mustard pot has a detachable 'spoon' or spreader that stores within the pot. Each pot stacks and the base seals the pot below it. It's complete with the top lid. The coloured pots are marked on their bases 'Tupperware, Made in great Britain'. They are numbered 1308 and are all made in great Britain.
Each pot, with its shaker top, is 6.5cm wide x 5.5cm tall. The whole stack of three pots is 16cm tall.
Good condition for age. Clean and free of smells. Being plastic, these have light scuff marks and have been used. One seal is loose so more suited to the kitchen to sit with a spice tower and good for travel/camping when used without mustard pot. 
Price includes P&P to the UK.

Retro Tupperware stacking cruet pots. Salt, pepper & mustard. 3 lidded 1970s

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