A fab retro Tupperware tall lidded pitcher jug. Lovely simple Modernist design, cylindrical, with simple high round handle. It's a Navy blue coloured hard plastic and has a 1 litre capacity. Circa 1980s vintage. It is numbered 2448A-1 and the lid is 2450A-1. I've seen another listing describe it as 'Apero'.
It's good for it's age. Being hard plastic there are surface marks and some scuffs around the spout (so priced accordingly). The lid forms a great seal (push it down so snug). 
24cm tall x 8cm wide cylinder. A hard-to-find good-looking and stylish sealable drinks pitcher.
Price includes P&P to the UK.

Retro Tupperware lidded pitcher jug. Navy blue hard plastic container. Vintage

  • Apero, Cylindrical, Simple, melamine, 2448A-1, 2450A-1, 1980s, 1990s, 1 litre, lemonade, drinks, storage, serving
  • Plastic