I believe this is a pair of beautiful ZBS (Zelezny Brod Sklo) art glass bird figurines. Designed by Miloslav Janku (Czech/Bohemian) and circa 1960s/1970s vintage. 
One is pinky mauve with a rich blue round sommerso (floating colour) central core, the other an aqua green with the same core. The pinky mauve example is probably Neodymium/alexandrite, so is probably colour changing under a florescent light (I have no way of testing).
Minimalist and simplified designs, yet perfectly formed and recognisable. They have long fragile tails. Skillfully handmade by an artist. I believe Janku made a series of simple elegant glass animals; this is one of the birds. And like many of the smaller figurines these are unsigned.
Excellent condition. Please see photos. 5.5 to 6cm tall x 13.5 to 14cm long. Flat polished bases and very fragile!
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Pair Zelezny Brod Sklo art glass BIRDS by Miloslav Janku. Vintage 1960s ZBS

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