An excellent example of a Murano sommerso multi faceted art glass vase, attributed to and probably by Mandruzzato, Murano, Italy. 
Unusually, it's a pentagon five-sided, wider shape vase, and it maintains its original label (fallen off). It's a decent 19.2cm tall and about 8.5cm wide. It's a warm rich brown colour with a floating submerged amber colour (sommerso), all cased in clear. Pentagon (flat and polished) top and bottom with 15 cut off polished sides in three rows, five-sided and diamond like. Vintage 1960s/1970s Mid-century iconic design - unsure of exact vintage of this example, probably 1970s due to the retro colouring. 
It weighs 1.28kg, a super chunk of vintage art glass. Excellent condition with no scratches. Just two of the tiniest tiny fleabites which you can't see, see last photo. Some natural tiny bubbles, see photos. Flat polished base is excellent. A very nicely made example. The original blue foil Murano Glass label fell off, and will be included with it separately.
If you're after one of these vases for your collection, you can't get much better than this example. Very close to perfect.
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Murano Mandruzzato multi faceted vintage vase. Brown/amber sommerso glass retro

  • cased, gold, Venetian, art glass, coloured glass, Campanella, copper brown, square, 1970s, Oball, pentagon, block vase, Modernist