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A beautiful vintage Midwinter Kismet coffee pot...
Midwinter Kismet was designed by Jyoti Bhomick for Midwinter on the 'Fine' shape/series. The forms for the Fine series were designed by David Queensbury and Roy Midwinter. The shapes featured straight sided, cylindrical, stackable forms. The clay body chosen for this series was a stronger and whiter clay from previous productions. 
Jyoti Bhomick only did this design and the blue/green variation 'Bengal'. It was in production for a short time from 1968-1972. The retro design reflects the late 60s vibes with flower power, Indian, batik and psychedelic hippy vibes. It is a transfer print in black, browns and orange over the white cylinder shape.
Excellent condition. No chips, cracks or crazing. 18cm tall pot, 20cm tall with lid on. Cylinder body is 10cm wide. Holds over 2 pints - so plenty of cups of coffee! Perfect example for a collector.
Free P&P to the UK.

Midwinter Kismet retro coffee pot. Marquis of Queensberry, 1960s/1970s

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  • pottery, made in england, teapot, linear, Fine range, serving, Bengal, Indian, psychedelic, hippy, flower power, Fine, Earthenware
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