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A super little Lotus Pottery bull money box, designed by Elizabeth Skipworth in the 1960s. Circa 1960/1970s vintage.
He's the smallest size in the series. He's 12.5cm long x 7.5cm tall. He's a dark olive green with a blue grey speckled daisy motif on each side... the classic 'Petal on Sage' colourway I believe. Not stamped to the base, but very distinctively by Lotus. Beautiful smooth glossy glaze with a money slot to the upper spine (empty, with no way of emptying).
Very good collectable condition. A beautiful vintage gift idea.
Price includes P&P to the UK.
The Lotus Pottery was formed by Michael and Elizabeth Skipworth in 1958. During the twenty-five years or so that Lotus Pottery was in production, Michael and Elizabeth experimented with various techniques, designs, clays, colours and glazes. By 1968, a variety of finishes were available including speckle, Dartside Green.... However, the most characteristic glaze from Lotus was the dark grey/green finish with the daisy motif. It proved one of the top-selling lines for many years, and was known as petal on sage. 
The most distinctive Lotus piece was a stylised bull, smooth and curvy with barely-there features. Today, this is the piece that many collectors begin with; not only is it easily recognisable, but its attractive shape allows it to blend perfectly into a modern home. Each bull featured an elongated, arched body with the head lowered. There were no eyes, nose or mouth, but sometimes a few tendrils of moulded hair could be seen between the horns, though most had smooth heads. The legs were very short and narrow, and this was probably the reason why the creatures tend to be unmarked – there was nowhere to impress the LP motif without detracting from the simplicity of the design, and the undersides of the feet were to small to bear a stamped mark.

Lotus Pottery bull, olive green + blue/grey daisy motif. Michael/Elizabeth

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£30.60Sale Price
  • ornament, figure, clay, bison, Minimalist, Modernist, petal, Stylised, Petal on Sage, sage, money box, piggy bank, animal
  • Ceramic
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