A pair of glass corn on the cob dishes, by Kosta (later became Kosta Boda) from the early 1970s. Designed by Ann and Goran Warff as part of the Party line/series, these have embossed corn cobs and leaves on the reverse. Each dish was hand made and pressed into a mould, so each one is a slightly different size with different undulations/folds. These two are of a similar scale - quite long, chunky and shallow. The outsides are textured, inside they are smooth. Very tactile and organic/natural looking. Quality bright and clear crystal-content heavy Scandinavian glass.
Dishes are excellent vintage condition. Box is fairly tatty, but not surprising for over 40+ years old!
Each dish is apx. 27.5 x 11 x 4cm. Box is 28 x 12.5 x 7.5cm. A hefty 1.6kg.
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Kosta Party corn on the cob dishes. Pair glass boxed bowls, Ann/Goran Warff

  • clear, Swedish, Sweden, mid century, retro, textured, shallow, Party Line, moulded, Kosta Boda, 1970s, handmade, Dartington
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