A beautiful Kosta Boda 'Polar' art glass candle holder. 
Designed by Goran Warff and handmade in Sweden by Kosta Boda. The design was inspired by the unique relationship between light and ice found in the Scandinavian landscape; it was originally created as a gift to the Sydney Opera House in 1974. It's crystal, so it's heavy and bright and clear, reflecting light beautifully with a beautiful 'ring'. The icy fronds look like upside down melting stalactites, all dripping and glistening with layers of random undulations. 
Could be up to 40 years old, but most likely from the 1990s to 2000s. The inner well is designed to take a tealight candle. 
In excellent condition with no chips. It's a heavy chunky lump of stunning art glass, apx 9cm high x 9.5cm wide. Weighs a hefty 1.01kg. Perfect to bunch together with Kosta Boda Snowballs, Sunflowers or Polars. No maker's marks.
Includes P&P to the UK. Includes a tealight candle.
“Glass is a liquid. It’s as alive as rippling water. In Polar, I have frozen that movement in time, capturing the convergence of ice and light in an o