An iconic German vacuum flask from around 1990. Made by Leifheit design, Germany, it's the 'Galileo' design, designed by Hans Slany - model no 27735.
The hard plastic hot water/tea/coffee storing and serving jug is lined with glass, just like an insulated Thermos flask, and will keep your drink piping hot for ages (tested for 3 hours and it was still boiling hot). The screw top lid forms a seal, simply press down on the orange tab to pour. 
An off-white ivory colour with burnt orange coloured trim. Tripod feet give it an atomic/space age feel. A beautiful round ball shape, roughly 19cm high x 16cm wide. 20cm highest and 22cm longest with handle and spout. It's around 750ml capacity, so over 1.25 pints... enough for 3+ mugs of piping hot coffee. Stamped with details to base, see photos.
Very good condition for age and era. Some minimal surface marks and scuffs, mostly on the spout. The glass internally is good - it's all fully functional. Pure pop/retro/space age design... Perfect for display and for a collection, or for serving coffee in a your retro man-cave or out in the Campervan! 
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Hans Slany design German retro vacuum flask. Leifheit Galileo vintage iconic

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