A striking heavy art glass low and round ashtray bowl, designed by Frantisek Vizner for Hermanova Hut or Rudolfova Hut in 1965. This is likely to be late 1960s or 1970s vintage. There's not a lot of information about this variation of Vizner's design, it's a very hard to find shape - so I'm unsure of he model number. It's commonly found as a vase or candle holder. 
The design shows Vizner's love of simple geometric forms decorated with strong surface elements. Thick clear glass with 3D maze pattern around the outside vertical edge. Rim resembles a cog or wheel. Very similar to designs by Frantisek Peceny and Vladislav Urban.
Just 5cm tall and 16cm wide (low and wide). Heavy thick glass - weighs 1.16kg. 
Very good condition. However, it has one chip - if you look at the photo from above you'll see the top 'cog' has come clean off (also on last photo). Otherwise very good, clean, displayable and useable condition with no other chips, nibbles, cracks etc. Pressed glass - so has some minimal ripples/bubbles. 
Price includes P&P to the UK.

Frantisek Vizner rare art glass ashtray. Sklo Union/Czech Bohemian. Clear 1960s

  • colourless, Peceny, Matura, Modernist, Rosice, geometric, op art, brutalist, Libochovice, pressed glass, Urban, 20082, mid century