A super Dartington Glass large spiky dish, 'Palm' designed by Anita Harris. It's 13.5" long- 34x30cm - so is the large 'Large Fruit Dish' model number AH362. 
The design dates from 1983 and was made in four sizes - this is the largest. Made in Dartington, England. They stack within each other for a stunning display. Crystal content glass - made using a centrifuge. Glass is flat and smooth internally and textured beneath. It's shallow - perfect as a centrepiece or fruit bowl or crisps serving dish.
An excellent example - hardly used. It has natural internal bubbles and lines from manufacture. A rather big 30.2cm wide x 34.5cm tall x 3cm tall. Weighs a heavy 1.64kg.
Includes P&P to the UK.

Dartington Palm bowl, large fruit dish AH362, 34cm. Anita Harris handmade

  • textured, lead crystal, serving, Daisy, Frank Thrower, FT, fruit bowl, 1983, large, spiky, platter, statement, snacks
  • Glass