An original vintage 1960s textured vase, designed by Frank Thrower and hand made for Dartington, Devon, England.

The design originated in the late 1960s and is FT101. It's the smaller version of the design and is in rare 'Flame Red'. Flame red was only 1968 to 1970 and was more expensive and harder to produce than other colours... it varies in tones between orange and pale and deep red. One reference website describes these as "FT101 'Rough and Ready'. Polar square vases. Large vase height 4.5 inches (115mm). Small vase height 3.5 inches (90mm). Made in clear, midnight, kingfisher and flame." It was inspired by Timo Sarpaneva's Crocus vase, for iittala.

This is 8.7cm tall x 8.4cm wide at the large round rim. Square shaped formed vase with bark textured sides and round opening/rim. Excellent collectable example.

Free P&P to the UK.

Dartington Frank Thrower FT101 Flame Red glass vase. Bark textured Polar vase

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