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A super Scheurich vase, circa mid century 1960s/1970s era. Model number 408-40, made in West Germany. 
The glaze is a glossy flowing pea or moss green, dripping over speckled brown colour. Glossy brown inside. Neat round handle on a curved cylinder shaped vessel - typically Scheurich. The style is typical of the designs of the post war West German vases from the 1960s/1970s - deliberately mixing colours, glazes and textures over those wonderful modernist designs. 
This vase is a very large example - a floor vase. Ideal for larger statement fronds and branches and feathers. Base reads '408-40 W.Germany' - the '428' denoting the form/design and the '40' denoting 40cm tall. 20cm wide at widest point. 16cm base and 9cm inner rim. Usable as both a vase and for display, adding a splash of retro colour to your room.
Very good condition. One small 5mm baseline chip, see all photos.
Price includes P&P to the UK.

BIG vintage Scheurich 408-40 West German Pottery floor vase. Pea/moss green

£69.00 Regular Price
£62.10Sale Price
  • west germany, MCM, Modernist, ceramic, Keramik, bay, floor vase, green, handled, khaki, statement, round handle, lime green
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