A classic bit of mid-century design from the Arabia Ruska range... A retro coffee pot. The glazes on these vary enormously between tan to brown to black, this one is a slightly speckled semi-matte brown with darker blacker areas. It's no longer stamped to the base - the stamps wore off easily. 
The Ruska glaze was designed by Ulla Procopé in around 1960, she worked for Arabia from 1948 to 1968. The name Ruska roughly translates from the Finnish as 'Autumn'.
This coffee pot is likely to be 1970s vintage. Simple lines and natural colouring and beautifully designed. Classic sturdy design. Brown glazes over white stoneware/earthenware. The subtly shaped lid holds in place when you pour.
Excellent condition, very tactile. No chips or marks or signs of use. Some natural glazing flaws (lighter areas) as you expect for this glaze. There's one small line underneath the glaze at the top of the cylindrical body - see first picture - all as manufactured. 
19cm tall with lid x 11cm diameter body - a good size and apx 1 3/4 pints capacity.
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Arabia Ruska coffee pot, vintage 1960s/1970s. Ulla Procopé, Finland. Retro

  • tan, chocolate, satin, round, Made in Finland, MCM, serving, drinks, breakfast, teapot, Americano, Scandinavian, Nordic
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