A lovely large Sklo Union aqua-coloured glass vase designed by Rudolf Schrotter for Rosice Glassworks. Known as the Lens or Bullet vase, made from 1955 onwards, this is pattern number 914 and the larger of two the sizes - 8" tall. Circa 1960s vintage, Czech/Bohemian origin.
A quality and tactile moulded pressed art glass item. Bold geometric optical vase with concentric ovals on four sides, tapering top and bottom to form a bullet shape. It's a rich vivid dark aqua green (with a hint of blue, like malachite meets a sea green). Striking colouring - great for a Mid Century mantelpiece and for a collector.
20cm tall, weighs a hefty 1.35kg - a good weighty chunk. Very good condition, great for display and for a collector. Some visible moulding lines inside, and some rippling internally. A very nice example.
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8" Rosice Glassworks art glass Lens/Bullet vase. Rudolf Schrotter, Czech Bohemia

  • Adolf Matura, Mid century, Modernist, Retro, 1970s, pressed, MCM, Jan Schmid, coloured glass, statement, emerald, malachite, sea green