A set of three varied Garni bowls/dishes by Holmegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark. Designed by Sidse Werner for Holmegaard Glass in 1985, these are mid to late 1980s.

Each is shaped like a flower with four textured (bark like, linear) petals or leaves. The bases are like a four-leaf clover, with distinctive swirls. The last photo shows an original advert showing the range of sizes and uses - intended as various food serving bowls.

I think my bowls are 351 26 13, medium bowl; 351 26 12, small bowl; 351 26 11, mini bowl. The smaller two are small enough to be a votive/candle holder. Largest: 16.5cm wide x 6cm tall. Suitable for serving larger snacks, like crisps, salads. Mid sized: 11.5cm x 5cm tall. Suitable for sauces/dips and peanuts etc. Smallest and most unusual: 8.5cm wide x 3cm tall. Suitable for sauces or as a votive. All three weigh just shy of 1kg.

Fantastic condition. The quality crystal content glass has a hint of blue. They were probably moulded and hand finished.

Includes P&P to the UK.

Set vintage Holmegaard Garni bowls. Art glass textured flower/leaf dishes.

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