An amazing neutral-toned vintage huge shallow dish by Broadstairs Pottery, Kent...
Circa 1970s or so - the pottery ran from 1968 to 1983. Broadstairs Pottery was David James White and Mary Dening I believe, but some items are also by Dianne Sanders. It's stamped to the base with the Broadstairs Pottery logo stamp (I have no idea who the exact artist is).
Warm biscuit coloured unglazed flat rim with two rows of incised geometric shapes; internally it's a cream spiral glazed flat centre. It's wheel thrown and hand made in a simple straight-sided shape. Typical of the 1970s Studio Pottery era, and much like works from Tremain and Louis Hudson.
It's statement centre-piece or fruit bowl sized: 26cm wide (10") x just 3cm high. Heavy - apx 1.5kg.
Excellent condition with no chips. Any glaze imperfections are from at the time of manufacture. 
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10" Vintage Broadstairs Pottery large bowl dish. 1960s 1970s handmade, wheel

  • Thanet, stone, retro, louis hudson, Tremain, stoneware, incised, Studio Pottery, fruit bowl, centre piece, statement, neutral decor, geometric