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Archimede Seguso Bullicante Murano clear glass triangular bowl/ashtray

A lovely and petite clear uncoloured glass ashtray/bowl from the 50s/60s or so. With precision contr..


Archimede Seguso Bullicante Murano ruby red glass small bowl/ashtray

A small and perfectly formed vintage ruby red art glass ashtray/bowl from the 60s or so, with precis..


Crystalex, Pavel Hlava amber knobbly glass ashtray/bowl, Czech 1968

A large and chunky knobbly glass ashtray from the late 60s. Czech/Bohemian by Pavel Hlava for Crysta..


Dartington lead crystal bowl, 1980s, Frank Thrower? with gold label

Could be a Frank Thrower design for Dartington in the 70s or 80s. I can't see another one like it ou..


Diamond-shaped ruby red glass bowl/ashtray, retro 70s

A lovely rounded off rectangular/diamond heavy chunky glass ashtray/bowl. Fab condition, probably 19..


Kristalunie Maastricht heavy clear glass bowl, Max Verboeket, 50s, Manuvaria

A large hefty (4.7kg) clear glass bowl designed in the late 1950s by Max Verboeket for Kristalunie M..


Large cased shallow blue controlled bubble glass dish/bowl/ashtray

A beautifully simple glass dish with blue inner and clear outer. The blue inner colour has small con..


Large oval pale mauve chunky glass bowl/ashtray, 70s

A lovely curvy heavy glass ashtray. It's 60s/70s and quite large. Ideal for nibbles or as a bowl. 20..


Mdina heavy art glass bowl, 70s vintage, Michael Harris Malta, teal blue/gold

An unusual and heavy thick glass Mdina bowl (or large ashtray). The technique/design was down to Mic..


Murano controlled bubble bullicante large glass bowl/ashtray, amber

A large retro vintage controlled bubble art glass ashtray/bowl in amber with whirlpool trapped bubbl..


Murano diamond multi-faceted ashtray Mandruzzato, cut glass, smokey

A Stunning ashtray / bowl by Mandruzzato for Murano,Italy.Probably vintage 1960s, it has a smokey gr..


Murano round 4-colour ashtray/bowl/art glass, green, retro 60s/70s

A lovely typical Murano 4-colour round art glass bowl (was probably an ashtray in the 70s). A slight..


Murano small triangular bowl/ashtray, deep blue glass, 60s/70s

A lovely small deep blue (indigo) bowl. It's thick heavy glass folded in on three edges to form a ro..


Murano turquoise/teal freeform square glass ashtray/bowl, 60s

A lovely freeform art glass bowl/ashtray by Murano, Italy. Mid-century, so 60s or so. Square based s..


Pukeberg large clear glass ashtray/bowl with ripple texture, vintage 70s Scandinavian

Large chunky clear ashtray/bowl. 60s, 70s era. Not quite circular, slightly squared off. 3cm thick g..


Rosice 1175 glass ashtray bowl, lobed, amber, Czech Sklo, Rudolf Jurnikl

A lovely and hard to find Rosice Glassworks 1175 ashtray bowl, designed in 1962 by Rudolf Jurnikl, S..


Sklo Union/Rosice, olive green glass ashtray/bowl by Jurnikl

Small chunky 60s, 70s glass ashtray/bowl in citrus yellow / olive green. No makers marks.  Czec..


Sklo Union/Rosice, purple glass ashtray/bowl by Jurnikl, Czech

A beautiful chunky glass bowl/ashtray by Sklo. Bohemian retro 60s/70s. Very very good condition and ..


Small ruby red heart-shaped glass bowl/ashtray, 60s retro

A small deep red ashtray/bowl from the 60s in a lovely and hardly-used condition. A curious heart-li..


Wales, made in Japan - turquoise/cyan blue cased glass bowl with white

A lovely colourful clean example... turquoise blue outer with white cased inside. Triangular, folded..


Whitefriars ruby red triangular glass bowl/ashtray, 9562, 60s bubbles

A lovely and hard-to-find triangular ruby red bowl by Whitefriars (British). It has controlled bubbl..


Whitefriars sea green 9377, small round bubble bowl/vase, Wilson

A perfect example of the small round controlled bubble (bullicante) vase/bowl by William Wilson, as ..


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