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I love my 60s and 70s chunky glass... I currently have all these pieces all round my house and it's time to let some of it go. Feel free to correct me if I have any details wrong (or keep quiet and bag a bargain!) Any of these glass items would make such a fabulous pre-loved gift!


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Archimede Seguso Bullicante Murano clear glass triangular bowl/ashtray

A lovely and petite clear uncoloured glass ashtray/bowl from the 50s/60s or so. With precision contr..


Archimede Seguso Bullicante Murano ruby red glass small bowl/ashtray

A small and perfectly formed vintage ruby red art glass ashtray/bowl from the 60s or so, with precis..


Bergdala art glass, Viking figure paperweight. Swedish labelled 70s.

A delightful mid-century style Viking figure in a glass slab. Swedish made, quality art piece. Clear..


Bergdala Swedish art glass 4" TROLL/gonk figure & LABEL/sticker, green Vintage

A genuine and quality Scandinavian troll/gonk solid glass figurine from Sweden - by Bergdala Glass..


Borske Sklo 'large olives', smokey glass ball vase/bowl, 50s Bohemian with label

Here's my lovely 'large olives' big round vase/bowl. It's Czech/Bohemian and made by Borske Sklo in ..


Caithness torpedo Oban blue bud vase, 1970s, Charles Orr

A lovely 1970s small clear glass vase with hand-painted stripey patterns inside in blue and purple. ..


Caithness torpedo Oban pink bud vase, 1970s, Charles Orr

A lovely 1970s small clear glass vase with hand-painted stripey patterns inside in oranges and pinks..


Chribska, Czech art glass cranberry/amber vase/bowl, Josef Hospodka, 50s/60s

A stunning Czech deep magenta pink (cranberry) and amber/orange/yellow art glass bowl by Chribska, p..


Crystalex, Pavel Hlava amber knobbly glass ashtray/bowl, Czech 1968

A large and chunky knobbly glass ashtray from the late 60s. Czech/Bohemian by Pavel Hlava for Crysta..


Dartington 'midnight grey' avocado glass bowl, 1970s Frank Thrower

FT137, the design by Frank Thrower dates back to 1971. This is just one midnight grey, hard to find,..


Dartington lead crystal bowl, 1980s, Frank Thrower? with gold label

Could be a Frank Thrower design for Dartington in the 70s or 80s. I can't see another one like it ou..


Diamond-shaped ruby red glass bowl/ashtray, retro 70s

A lovely rounded off rectangular/diamond heavy chunky glass ashtray/bowl. Fab condition, probably 19..


Iittala 'Stellaria' glass candle holder/votive, Tapio Wirkkala, 3450, 70s + label

A 1970s candle holder (night light) / votive designed by Tapio Wirkkala in the 70s for Iittala, Finl..


Iittala Minerva Glass Vase by Tapio Wirkkala, Scandinavia 2755

Lovely Iittala Minerva glass vase designed by Tapio Wirkkala. I think it's vase no 2755. It has a ic..


Kosta Boda 'Monday' by Bertil Vallien, Sweden. Glass wink dish

A lovely collectable contemporary art glass dish by Kosta Boda. A modernist design. The artist Berti..


Kosta Boda Snowballs x3, three nightlight holders/votives, glass

A set of three used Kosta Boda Snowballs - contemporary collectable small candle holders and table c..


Kristalunie Maastricht heavy clear glass bowl, Max Verboeket, 50s, Manuvaria

A large hefty (4.7kg) clear glass bowl designed in the late 1950s by Max Verboeket for Kristalunie M..


Large cased shallow blue controlled bubble glass dish/bowl/ashtray

A beautifully simple glass dish with blue inner and clear outer. The blue inner colour has small con..


Large oval pale mauve chunky glass bowl/ashtray, 70s

A lovely curvy heavy glass ashtray. It's 60s/70s and quite large. Ideal for nibbles or as a bowl. 20..


LR Crystal, Czech vintage glass vase, green/peach (Lednicke Rovne), 60s

A lovely and unusual glass vase by LR Crystal (ie Lednicke Rovne) from the 60s or 70s.The company wa..


Mdina heavy art glass bowl, 70s vintage, Michael Harris Malta, teal blue/gold

An unusual and heavy thick glass Mdina bowl (or large ashtray). The technique/design was down to Mic..


Murano controlled bubble bullicante large glass bowl/ashtray, amber

A large retro vintage controlled bubble art glass ashtray/bowl in amber with whirlpool trapped bubbl..


Murano diamond multi-faceted ashtray Mandruzzato, cut glass, smokey

A Stunning ashtray / bowl by Mandruzzato for Murano,Italy.Probably vintage 1960s, it has a smokey gr..


Murano round 4-colour ashtray/bowl/art glass, green, retro 60s/70s

A lovely typical Murano 4-colour round art glass bowl (was probably an ashtray in the 70s). A slight..


Murano small triangular bowl/ashtray, deep blue glass, 60s/70s

A lovely small deep blue (indigo) bowl. It's thick heavy glass folded in on three edges to form a ro..


Murano turquoise/teal freeform square glass ashtray/bowl, 60s

A lovely freeform art glass bowl/ashtray by Murano, Italy. Mid-century, so 60s or so. Square based s..


Normann Copenhagen small red Swing vase, glass, modern Scandinavian

A hand-blown contemporary statement red vase by Normann Copenhagen. Being hand blown they're all sli..


Orrefors Nils Landberg or Strombergshyttan blue cased glass vase, 60s

I can't correctly ID this lovely vase... It bears a striking resemblance to a Nils Landberg design f..


Pair smokey brown (peat) Sommerso glass bud vases, 60s/70s Caithness Stroma 4022

Two matching beautiful small single stem vases. A 'sommerso' bubble of smokey brown, floating over c..


Pukeberg large clear glass ashtray/bowl with ripple texture, vintage 70s Scandinavian

Large chunky clear ashtray/bowl. 60s, 70s era. Not quite circular, slightly squared off. 3cm thick g..


retro 70s glass cube cigarette lighter, solid clear

Heavy solid glass cube table lighter from the 60s/70s.Clear glass with concave semi-circles indented..

£8.00 £14.00

Rosenthal (Germany) art glass vase by Martin Freyer (candlestick), etched 60s/70s

A small textured art glass vase (much like a candlestick holder). It's small and molded and very muc..


Rosice 1175 glass ashtray bowl, lobed, amber, Czech Sklo, Rudolf Jurnikl

A lovely and hard to find Rosice Glassworks 1175 ashtray bowl, designed in 1962 by Rudolf Jurnikl, S..


Rosice 1322 rare amber tulip vase, vintage glass, Czech Sklo Union

A hard to find Rosice vase, no 1322. I can't find another like it. Czech/ Bohemian from the 60s or s..


Sklo Union, Hermanova Hut, glass 'Dragon's Head' vase, Frantisek Peceny

A 1970s design by Frantisek Peceny for Sklo Union (made by Hermanova Hut).The design is called Drago..


Sklo Union/Rosice, olive green glass ashtray/bowl by Jurnikl

Small chunky 60s, 70s glass ashtray/bowl in citrus yellow / olive green. No makers marks.  Czec..


Sklo Union/Rosice, purple glass ashtray/bowl by Jurnikl, Czech

A beautiful chunky glass bowl/ashtray by Sklo. Bohemian retro 60s/70s. Very very good condition and ..


Skruf, Sweden, wood grain/bark pattern plate/platter by Bengt Edenfalk, crystal glass

A Modernist/retro early 1970s wood grain patterned art glass plate. Rare item! It's heavy lead cryst..


Small green/clear freeform art glass bowl, Murano/Scandinavian?

Origin unknown but could be Scandinavian or Murano? 50s, 60s, 70s mid green chunky smooth bowl with ..


Small ruby red heart-shaped glass bowl/ashtray, 60s retro

A small deep red ashtray/bowl from the 60s in a lovely and hardly-used condition. A curious heart-li..


Wales, made in Japan - turquoise/cyan blue cased glass bowl with white

A lovely colourful clean example... turquoise blue outer with white cased inside. Triangular, folded..


Whitefrairs ruby red controlled bubble ovoid small glass vase, 9506

Ruby red clear cased, 1960s vase, Geoffrey Baxter era from Whitefriars. Controlled tiny bubbles.Love..


Whitefriars Kingfisher blue elephant foot bud glass vase, 9728, Baxter 60s

With stunning colouring and in fab condition, this Whitefriars elephant foot vase was designed by Ge..


Whitefriars ruby red 'beak' vase, no 9556, 7.5" with label/sticker

A beautiful example of the ruby red Whitefriars 'beak' cased vase. This example has the original sti..


Whitefriars ruby red triangular glass bowl/ashtray, 9562, 60s bubbles

A lovely and hard-to-find triangular ruby red bowl by Whitefriars (British). It has controlled bubbl..


Whitefriars sea green 9377, small round bubble bowl/vase, Wilson

A perfect example of the small round controlled bubble (bullicante) vase/bowl by William Wilson, as ..


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