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Large red/white heavy bubble glass ashtray, cased Murano

A very large heavy chunky triangular retro ashtray. The thick glass has a red inner and folds with a..


Lazy Susan rotating table server - 1970s, orange

A vintage 'Lazy Susan' serving and rotating presentation platter for the centre of the table. Glass ..


LR Crystal, Czech vintage glass vase, green/peach (Lednicke Rovne), 60s

A lovely and unusual glass vase by LR Crystal (ie Lednicke Rovne) from the 60s or 70s.The company wa..


Lundtofte Denmark stainless steel cruet set, salt/pepper/mustard 60s

A beautiful and very stylish piece of Mid Century/Modernist classic Danish design. Retro/vintage 196..


Mandruzzato Murano textured glass coffin vase, Campanella, pink

A stunning Mandruzzato deep pink/magenta/plum/purple textured Mur..


Massive centrepeice solid clear art glass bowl, Scandinavian/Murano? 2.3kg

A very big heavy art glass bowl/ornament/centre piece/sculpture. Measures 45cm x 16cm tall x 7cm wid..


Mdina heavy art glass bowl, 70s vintage, Michael Harris Malta, teal blue/gold

An unusual and heavy thick glass Mdina bowl (or large ashtray). The technique/design was down to Mic..


Melaware set 4 teacups, saucers and side plates, 50s/60s melamine

A lovely multicoloured set of genuine Melaware cups, saucers and side plates - perfect for a picnic ..


Mepal Dinnerware, Danish, 6 multicoloured egg cups, retro stackable melamine set

A beautiful set of six retro egg cups, all different colours. Each base reads "Mepal Dinnerware Styl..


Midwinter Glendale jam/mustard/honey pot, vintage, circa 1953

A beautiful and PERFECT Midwinter Glendale lidded condiments pot, circa 1953. White glazed pottery w..


Midwinter Stonehenge 'Earth' lidded sugar bowl, retro 70s

A lovely lidded sugar bowl/container/pot by Midwinter, probably from the late 70s. Very retro colour..


Molar Cristal Italian tall pale mauve glass vase with label

An unusual tall and slim labelled crystal vase, styled like some 60s/70s ones. I can't find anything..


Murano aventurine cased art glass gold/copper swirl glitter bowl, Fratelli Toso

A beautiful statement Murano shallow dish, very much in the style of Fratelli Toso from the early 60..


Murano cased bullicante emerald green teardrop bowl, Galliano Ferro?

A beautiful 50s-60s vintage cased Murano ashtray/bowl. Emerald green inner and clear outer glass. Co..


Murano cased large glass fluted/ribbed geode bowl, round, 50s/60s. Teal/orange, Seguso

A rather unique and different Murano sommerso large heavy bowl (could be an ashtray). Very thick hea..


Murano controlled bubble bullicante large glass bowl/ashtray, amber

A large retro vintage controlled bubble art glass ashtray/bowl in amber with whirlpool trapped bubbl..


Murano diamond multi-faceted ashtray Mandruzzato, cut glass, smokey

A Stunning ashtray / bowl by Mandruzzato for Murano,Italy.Probably vintage 1960s, it has a smokey gr..


Murano Galliano Ferro blue/green glass LARGE biomorphic bowl/ashtray, bullicante

A stunning controlled bubble (bullicante) massive ashtray/bowl from the 60s/70s or so. The tiny bubb..


Murano geode, cased sommerso glass bowl/ashtray, retro orange/red. Perfect!

A beautiful art glass chunk of heavy solid glass Murano. It's red inside and orange outside. From ab..


Murano green/clear art glass bowl, boat/aladdin lamp, 60s

A beautiful sculptural and centre piece bowl, a statement and very attractive/catches the light. Cle..


Murano large cased triangular glass ashray, cranberry red

1960s/70s heavy and chunky large triangular ashtray, no idea on origin, most likely Murano as I've s..


Murano large love heart bowl/ashtray. Bullicante, cranberry red, 70s

A large chunky heart bowl in deep cranberry red. Cased colour within a clear outer. Controlled bubbl..

£16.00 £23.00

Murano small triangular bowl/ashtray, orange/clear glass, 60s/70s

An unusual and small clear glass bowl with a deep orange stripe in the rim and a hint of slight oran..


Murano Sommerso pink/green art glass bowl/dish. Vintage 50s/60s.

A beautiful freeform art glass bowl. I'm pretty sure this is Murano Sommerso due to the lovely colou..


Murano Sommerso tall cased, faceted glass vase, 60s

A Murano Sommerso cased, faceted vase. Not labelled/no marker's marks. Old, most likely 1960s.Three-..


Murano triple cased biomorphic red/orange ashtray bowl, 60s

Layered deep red, white and orange glass retro ashtray. Red inner with white streak and orange/clear..


Murano turquoise/teal freeform square glass ashtray/bowl, 60s

A lovely freeform art glass bowl/ashtray by Murano, Italy. Mid-century, so 60s or so. Square based s..


Murano uranium green glass sommerso bud vase, Galliano Ferro.

A striking sommerso single bud vase by Murano. Most likely by Galliano Ferro, as typical of his styl..


Murano/Scandinavian teal deep retro glass ashtray/bowl, 60s/70s

A lovely deep glass ashtray/bowl that has two indented parts, thick formed glass. A chunky heavy blu..


Normann Copenhagen small red Swing vase, glass, modern Scandinavian

A hand-blown contemporary statement red vase by Normann Copenhagen. Being hand blown they're all sli..


Norwegian 'fat lava' style glazed terracotta plant pot, 50s, blue/green

A pretty flower or plant pot from Norway from the 50s (or early 60s). It has a maker's mark and says..


Old Hall Connaught stainless steel 4 piece tea set, 1959 Wiggin

A beautiful condition, hardly used tea set. Designed in 1959 by Leslie Wiggan it's the most popular ..

£18.00 £25.00

Orrefors Nils Landberg or Strombergshyttan blue cased glass vase, 60s

I can't correctly ID this lovely vase... It bears a striking resemblance to a Nils Landberg design f..


Orrefors signed large crystal 'Raspberry Bowl', 90s by Nilsson, Sweden

A beautiful and tactile large Raspberry fruit/trifle/serving bowl by Orrefors. This one is signed on..


Pair of Hornsea 'Heirloom' soup bowls, 1975, olive

Matching pair of Hornsea 'Heirloom' design bowls. Marked on base with Made in England 1975. Olive gr..


Pair smokey brown (peat) Sommerso glass bud vases, 60s/70s Caithness Stroma 4022

Two matching beautiful small single stem vases. A 'sommerso' bubble of smokey brown, floating over c..


Pavel Panek green glass fuit bowl, Libochovice, Czech - like Revontulet, Humppila

This bowl is often mistaken for the Revontulet by Tauno Wirkkala for Humppila, Finland. But it's not..


Peak 1970s stainless steel pendant/necklace - retro amethyst

A lovely retro pendant by Peak. Made in England in the 70s and typical of its era. Back is stamped w..


Pewter unique pendant/necklace, signed. Unique art, 1970s? retro

This is an unknown as I can't find anything else like this online to compare it to. I think it's a 1..


Picquot Ware magnailium cream/milk jug 1960s, vintage C8

A beautiful example of a mid 1960s Picquot Ware jug. Hardly used, great shiny finish and very clean ..


Picquot Ware magnailium lidded sugar pot mid-1960s, vintage

An exceptional example of a mid 1960s Picquot Ware vintage sugar pot. Hardly used, great shiny finis..


Picquot Ware T6 magnailium teapot Vintage 50s/60s

Vintage teapot made from an alloy specially developed for Picquot - and cast in one piece. Sycamore ..


Poole Pottery Delphis plate/dish, size 4, c1965 Patricia Churchouse, red retro

A beautiful round art plate from 1962-65 which I believe, looking at the signature on the logo, is m..


Portmeirion orange Greek Key storage jar/pot, Susan Williams-Ellis, 1970s

A lush retro orange large storage jar by Portmeirion, Stoke on Trent, England. Probably 1970s. Desig..


Portmeirion purple/green Samarkand storage jar/pot, Susan Williams-Ellis, 60s

A lovely and rare storage jar/pot by Susan Williams-Ellis for Portmeirion, Stoke, England. Designed ..


Purple plum bubble glass bowl, 60s/70s, probably Murano

Retro controlled bubble ashtray/bowl (going up in size in lines). A lovely purple (more plum/purple)..


Red/gold free-form art glass/bowl, probably Murano 1960s

A freeform art glass bowl made from solid glass with layers of dark colour... golden yellowy outer c..

£10.00 £17.00

Retro 70s chopping/bread board, melamine, orange/brown

A typically 70s orange and brown floral pattern chopping board. Shows some signs of wear - faux wood..


Retro red plastic 1980s lemon squeezer/juicer

Splits into 4 components and neatly packaged fitting together.No trademark or maker's name on it.Goo..


Retro tiled double cheeseboard, set in teak(?) with matching knife.

A lush vintage cheeseboard - two tiles set in wood which I would guess at being teak (slight natural..


Ridgway Allegro pair of side/bread small plates, bone china

A lovely pair of Ridgway fine bone china Allegro design side plates. Crafted in England. Vintage sty..


Rosice 1322 rare amber tulip vase, vintage glass, Czech Sklo Union

A hard to find Rosice vase, no 1322. I can't find another like it. Czech/ Bohemian from the 60s or s..


Royal blue/clear freeform art bowl, Murano/Scandinavian 60s

A beautiful bright royal blue and clear glass freeform shallow bowl. Great for sweets/nibbles/keys e..


Scandinavian/Empoli orange cased glass vase, retro 1970s

An orange vintage vase, more than likely to be Scandinavian but in an Empoli style. Typical 1970s, u..


Scheurich 206-26 brown pottery vase, West German 'fat lava' 60s/70s

A lovely example of a 'fat lava' style vase with lightly textured irregular dripping glaze. Matte ta..

£18.00 £25.00

Scheurich 242-22 brown vase, West German fat lava. 60s/70's

A lovely dark brown and cream West German fat-lava era vase with dripping glaze and textures. Circa ..


Scheurich vase vintage 60s/70's . West German 401-28, fat lava red

A beautiful 11" tall vintage/retro vase/pot - West German pottery. 'Kascade' decorations in red and ..


Scheurich West German brown fat lava plant pot/holder, 806-17 retro 60s

A lovely 'fat lava' era plant pot holder, probably from the 60s/70s. Pottery/ceramic by ‪Scheurich, ..


Scheurich West German brown/orange fat lava plant pot/holder, 806-17 retro 60s

A lovely 'fat lava' style plant pot, probably from the 70s. Brown glaze top and bottom with bright o..


Scheurich West German red/cream fat lava pottery vase, 523-18 retro 70s

A West German Scheurich pottery vase from the 60s or 70s, 'fat lava' style and era. Top half is matt..


Set of 6 coloured shot glasses from 50s/60s, six, great condition

A set of six perfect shot glasses - blue, yellow, green, orange, turquoise and red.All as new condit..


Sklo Union, Hermanova Hut, glass 'Dragon's Head' vase, Frantisek Peceny

A 1970s design by Frantisek Peceny for Sklo Union (made by Hermanova Hut).The design is called Drago..


Sklo Union/Rosice, cyan/turquoise glass ashtray/bowl by Jurnikl

This ashtray/bowl matches my other green version. This one is bright pure cyan (turquoise). Small ch..


Skruf, Sweden, wood grain/bark pattern plate/platter by Bengt Edenfalk, crystal glass

A Modernist/retro early 1970s wood grain patterned art glass plate. Rare item! It's heavy lead cryst..


Stainless Steel Danish serving tray/platter, Nord Steel

A lovely 1970s stainless steel serving tray with two parts/compartments for hors d'oeuvres/nibbles e..


Stromberg 'sommerso' shark's tooth glass vase, 1960, B773

Small Sommerso vase - graduating amber/brown glass cased in clear glass. Circa 1960. Base is engrave..


Viners International large cake slice, mosiac pattern

A Viners International large cake slicer, 1960s vintage/retro cutlery design. Mosaic pattern is by G..


Vintage barkcloth, 1950s pair of fabric curtains, pair 100x100cm

A lovely pair of retro barkcloth curtains which I believe to be 1950s. They're in very good clean vi..

£9.00 £18.00

Vintage Hans Hansen Sterling silver brooch no. 109, Danish

Very rare Danish design solid sterling silver brooch. This particular example has two sets of hallma..


Vintage shot glass set in gold kitsch/atomic holder, 50s 60s 6x coloured. Perfect

A super set of six coloured vintage shot glasses, presented in a kitsch/atomic gold wire holder. The..


Vintage small bevelled edge mirror, 30s-50s shabby-chic

A small classic 1930s-50s octagonal antique mirror. It's mounted on a wooden board and has a chain h..


Wales, made in Japan - turquoise/cyan blue cased glass bowl with white

A lovely colourful clean example... turquoise blue outer with white cased inside. Triangular, folded..


West German brown plastic retro 70s vanity/shaving mirror

A petite dressing table/vanity/makeup/shaving mirror. Very retro styling! 1970s/80s brown moulded pl..


West Germany 502-11 1970s small pottery teal vase, fat lava

A lovely petite West German vase, circa 1970/80s - but cannot be certain on date or a maker. (Being ..


White retro 1970s china teapot

I'm guessing this is 1970s. White with deep olive green 1970s style patterns. No markers marks. Grea..


Whitefriars 1974 P2 faceted glass paperweight, tight packed concentric milliefiori canes

A stunning and small and highly detailed and tightly packed milliefiori glass paperweight. Made by W..


Whitefriars controlled bubble bowl golden amber glass 4" ashtray 9099

This is Whitefriars pattern no 9099, the 4" version in gold/amber/yellow. Small, round, heavy clear ..

£9.00 £14.00

Whitefriars controlled bubble bowl ruby red glass 6" 9099

A lovely 6" ruby red heavy and chunky controlled bubble glass ashtray/bowl.
 The design was from 194..


Whitefriars glass bowls, 2x ruby red controlled bubble, 4" 9099

Pair of ruby red controlled bubble Whitefriars ashtrays.Matching but very slightly different from ea..


Whitefriars kingfisher blue glass cased vase, 1960s, no 9657

Stylish example from the Geoffery Baxter era, apx 1969. Model no 9657.  Small vase in kingfishe..


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