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1960s red/chrome retro alarm clock, Diamond brand

An original vintage/retro wind-up clock. Works well, keeps time and alarm works. Made in China, 1960..

£10.00 £20.00

1973 retro sterling silver pendant, Edinburgh

Vintage hallmarked 1973/4 silver pendant for a necklace. Gorgeous flat silver circle with 5 bands of..


60s Danish Lüthje wood sauce/condiment pots, retro

A pair of 1960s condiment servers/sauce pots on teak(?) dark hardwood base. Matching wooden lids.Cle..


60s/70s pop retro plastic orb vanity mirror, turquoise & white

A typically 60s/70s retro plastic vanity/small table top mirror. Patent no 97310954 stamped inside b..


60s/70s retro small orb vanity mirror, black and white

1960s/1970s vanity mirror orb/ball. Black and white plastic. Orb is counterbalanced to always stay w..


Arabia, Finland, 4 x Saara Cups Mid-Century Modern flowers, Anja Jaatinen-Winquist

Four stunning matching coffee/tea cups designed by Anja Jaatinen-Winquist in 1970. FInnish, Scandina..


Archimede Seguso Bullicante Murano ruby red glass small bowl/ashtray

A small and perfectly formed vintage ruby red art glass ashtray/bowl from the 60s or so, with precis..


Aseda Glassbruk mid-century Swedish tall amber glass trumpet/pulpit vase

A lovely and hard-to-find mid-century modern Scandinavian vase in amber. 1950s? Designed by Borne Au..


Bagley Wild Oak textured clear glass vase, pre-1976, Jackson

A 1970s bark-like ripple/ice textured glass design, similar to others of the era, known as Wild Oak...

£9.00 £13.00

Bay Keramik 631 20 pottery fat lava vase/jug, brown/cream West German 60s

A lovely dripping glaze 'fat lava' jug/pitcher by Bay Ceramic. West German. Brown smooth glaze under..


Bergdala art glass, Viking figure paperweight. Swedish labelled 70s.

A delightful mid-century style Viking figure in a glass slab. Swedish made, quality art piece. Clear..


Bergdala Swedish art glass 4" TROLL/gonk figure & LABEL/sticker, green Vintage

A genuine and quality Scandinavian troll/gonk solid glass figurine from Sweden - by Bergdala Glass..


Beswick pair of pottery/ceramic glazed fish plates, green dots, retro 60s/70s

A lovely pair of matching ornamental retro plates by Beswick, believed to be 60s or so. One large an..


Borske Sklo 'large olives', blue/teal glass ball vase/bowl, 60s Bohemian

Pretty 'large olives' big round blue vase/bowl. It's Czech/Bohemian and made by Borske Sklo in the 6..


Borske Sklo 'large olives', smokey glass ball vase/bowl, 50s Bohemian with label

Here's my lovely 'large olives' big round vase/bowl. It's Czech/Bohemian and made by Borske Sklo in ..


Borske Sklo 'Nemo' clear tall glass pitcher/jug, Kannegiesser, 60s

A beautiful and unusual 1960s glass pitcher by Max Kannegiesser for Borske Sklo. The clear glass ran..

£30.00 £45.00

Borske Sklo Nemo 'large olives', optical 6" vase/ball bowl. 60s Czech Kannegiesser

Pretty 'olives' small round clear vase/bowl with multicoloured spots. It's Czech/Bohemian and made b..


Brown glazed pot by Vetter, West Germany, 66-10

A small pot, believed to be a plant pot, by Vetter in West Germany. Details stamped on base.Brown gl..


Caithness? black controlled bubble glass paperweight, Holmgaard?

Beautiful solid glass ovoid paperweight. Black(ish) inner shape with hint of velvety teal/green in d..

£15.00 £23.00

Carlton Ware 60s Skye hors d'oeuvres plate/platter Sunglow yellow dish 2849

A PERFECT example of the Carlton Ware Skye serving dish. Circa 1968-1969.Brilliant condition with ve..


Chance Brothers' Calypto round fluted-edge clear glass plate

Designed by Michael Harris in 1959, this is a lovely white graphic print on clear glass by Chance Fi..

£9.00 £12.00

Chance Brothers' Glass, 5.5" round Swirl dessert bowls, 50s/60s

A set of four small shallow and delicate Swirl side salad/dessert bowls - by Chance Brothers between..


Chance handkerchief vases, 1960s pair, turquoise & orange 'Cordon'

A pair of Chance Bothers handkerchief vases/bowls, circa 1961. Pattern name 'Cordon'.They match, bot..


Chribska 50s/60s, Czech large art glass, vintage Josef Hospodka

A large vintage 4-lobed Czech art glass vase/bowl by Chribska Glassworks, most probably Josef Hospod..


Chribska, Czech art glass blue/lime green bowl/dish, Josef Hospodka, 50s/60s

A fine example - this is as good as you could find with no chips, scratches, fleebites or anything! ..


Chribska, Czech art glass cranberry/amber vase/bowl, Josef Hospodka, 50s/60s

A stunning Czech deep magenta pink (cranberry) and amber/orange/yellow art glass bowl by Chribska, p..


Chunky metal choker necklace, 70s style, silver colour

An unknown vintage/retro lightweight metal link necklace. Forms a circle with clasp at back. Each li..


Crayonne 1970s deep red/brown Input ice bucket, retro Habitat, Conran

A brick red coloured 'Input' ice bucket designed by Conran Associates for Habitat in the 1970s or ea..


Crayonne 70s dark olive green round mirror, Habitat, Conran

A lovely good sized mirror which I believe to be by Crayonne for Habitat in the 70s/early 80s. It's ..


Cream adjustable vanity mirror, retro 1970s molded plastic

A lovely classic 70s molded cream plastic mirror. Perfect for a retro dressing table. Excellent cond..

£11.00 £22.00

Crystalex, Pavel Hlava amber knobbly glass ashtray/bowl, Czech 1968

A large and chunky knobbly glass ashtray from the late 60s. Czech/Bohemian by Pavel Hlava for Crysta..


Danish stainless steel butter dish, retro 60s/70s

A lovely rounded retro large stainless steel butter dish. Lid has teak handle.'Denmark Stainless Ste..


Danish stainless steel triangular pin dish/bowl/tray, retro 60s/70s

A beautiful, sculptural and petite designer 'pin dish' in 18/8 stainless steel. From the 60s/70s. So..


Danish toast rack, stainless steel 18/8 and teak wood, retro 70s

A lovely simple stylish stainless steel and wood toast rack. I believe the wood is teak. Good vintag..


Dartington 'midnight grey' avocado glass bowl, 1970s Frank Thrower

FT137, the design by Frank Thrower dates back to 1971. This is just one midnight grey, hard to find,..


Dartington lead crystal bowl, 1980s, Frank Thrower? with gold label

Could be a Frank Thrower design for Dartington in the 70s or 80s. I can't see another one like it ou..


Dialene 'Party Set' in Tangerine orange, boxed and unused, 1970s

A boxed and probably unused retro moulded plastic 'party set'. Ref no 286R, made by Dialene (London)..


Diamond-shaped ruby red glass bowl/ashtray, retro 70s

A lovely rounded off rectangular/diamond heavy chunky glass ashtray/bowl. Fab condition, probably 19..


Drumbo elephant money box, German Luigi Colani, Dresdner, green retro, small

A small and perfect example of the very collectable German plastic money box.These were made for Dre..


E Radford handpainted pottery POT/VASE. bamboo/rushes 50s? ceramic no 1086

An unusual vintage 50s style vase by E Radford. Signed by EPS?? See photos (can't tell). No idea on ..


Emerald green cased glass handkerchief vase. Freeform art. Vintage 60s/70s

A pretty emerald (mid) green glass vase, cased with white inside. An unknown make, probably Scandina..


Erik Magnussen tall jug/coffee pot/flask, red, retro Stelton

Stunning retro red plastic jug/coffee pot by Erik Magnussen (Stelton brand marked on base). Made in ..


Finnish crown bowl/candle holder Viking Glass, or Ravenhead Flair, 70s

A lovely clear glass Viking Finnish Crown bowl or it may be the Ravenhead Flair bowl - both searches..


Fox - ornamental minimalist/mid-century style carved wooden figure

An enchanting and unique animal figure handmade and carved from wood. No idea on era/age but very mu..


Freeform Art Glass, cased purple/white flat dish/bowl, Murano

Murano style layered/cased glass in a free form art glass bowl/dish.
 Quite likely to be Murano. Loo..

£11.00 £22.00

Gold Lamé leather shoes by Medway of London, vintage 60s, 7.5

Beautiful gold leather shoes. Made in Italy with leather upper, inner and soles - quality. European ..

£12.50 £25.00

Gold tone 70s costume jewellery flower-shape dress ring, size P

A flamboyant and outrageous statement dress ring. 1960s/70s vintage/retro. Flower or fir-cone like s..


Heatmaster cream/metal teapot, 1950s, ever-hot style, large

Heatmaster cream china teapot with metal outer removal shell/case/cosy. I have two of these and this..


Heatmaster Easiclene small milk jug, 1950. Ever-hot style

A small cream china milk jug with an outer chrome metal cosy/sleeve and separate lid. Three peices. ..


Hejl (Denmark) stainless steel 18/8 salt & pepper pots, mid-century

A beautiful pair of classic mid-century modern stainless steel salt and pepper pots. Marked on both ..


Holkham teal blue milk/cream glazed pottery jug, retro 60s/70s

A lovely small and simple retro design jug. Made in England (Norfolk) in the 70s (I believe). Stampe..


Holmegaard signed glass 'Hellas' vase, 1950s, by Per Lutken Denmark

A lovely very pale blue/green/aqua clear chunky glass vase by Holmegaard. 1950s design by Per Lutken..


Hornsea Bronté set of 6 perfect soup/cereal bowls, 1973, retro

A perfect, hardly used set of six matching Hornsea Bronte bowls. Tan brown with greeny/grey distinct..


Hornsea Clappison blue inlaid black/white ashtray, no 235, 1950s

A lovely ashtray designed by John Clappison for Hornsea Potteries between 1956 and 1962. Model no 23..


Hornsea Heirloom Lakeland Green storage jar, plain/no pattern, early 70s

A rare and hard-to-find Hornsea Heirloom Lakeland Green pot - but with no pattern!! The Hornsea Muse..


Hornsea Heirloom large Flour storage container pot, Lakeland Green. 70s Clappison

A large 1970s John Clappison Hornsea Heirloom storage jar - for flour. It's in the Lakeland green. J..


Hornsea Heirloom Midnight Blue salt and pepper cruet pots

A delightful matching pair of salt and pepper pots from the early 70s in the rarer Midnight Blue col..


Hornsea Heirloom tall coffee pot, Lakeland Green. 1974 retro Clappison

A lovely tall Hornsea Heirloom coffee pot in Lakeland (olive) green, dated 1974. 
John Clappison des..


Hornsea Heirloom teak spice rack with 6 spice jars, 1972

A beautiful Hornsea Heirloom spice set - rare to find in all intact and an early one too. Teak woode..


Hornsea Heirloom teapot, Lakeland Green. 1970s retro Clappison

A perfect Hornsea Heirloom teapot in Lakeland (olive) green, early 1970s. John Clappison design. Bri..


Hornsea Heirloom, 2 storage containers/jars, tea/coffee, green. 1974 Clappison

We have a perfect set of 2 large storage jars/pots... they're labelled tea and coffee. 
In the lovel..


Hornsea Heirloom, 3 large storage containers, lakeland green. 1976 Clappison

We have a perfect set of 3 large storage jars... they're labelled tea, coffee and sugar. In the love..


Hornsea Saffron 4 x tea/coffee cups, saucers, side plates, Clappison, 70s retro

A perfect set of 4 tea/coffee cups, saucers and side plates from the early to mid 70s. Really great ..


Hornsea Saffron, 3 storage containers - tea, coffee, sugar. 1975/76

A lovely set of tea, coffee and sugar storage containers from Hornsea. The Saffron range of mustard ..

£19.00 £28.00

Iittala 'Lunaria' 15cm glass bowl Tapio Wirkkala Finland, 3449

This is an Art Glass Bowl, no 3449, by Iittala Finland. It's the small version, 15cm across x 5cm ta..

£20.00 £32.00

Iittala 'Ultima Thule' large clear glass tumblers x2, Tapio Wirkkala

A pair of stunning textured clear glass tumblers from Tapio Wirkkala's iconic 'Ultima Thule' range...


Iittala Festivo vintage glass candlestick, Timo Sarpaneva signed candle holder

A lovely vintage (70s?) Finnish glass candle holder by Iittala. Signed to the base 'T.S.' - Timo Sar..


Iittala Minerva Glass Vase by Tapio Wirkkala, Scandinavia 2755

Lovely Iittala Minerva glass vase designed by Tapio Wirkkala. I think it's vase no 2755. It has a ic..


J&G Meakin 'Maidstone' Tuliptime serving/sandwich plate/platter, retro

A large serving plate from Meakin - Tulip Time 'Maidstone' design. Straight edged oval, 12". Creamy ..


J&G Meakin SOL 'Rock fern' large serving platter/sandwich plate, 50s

1950s SOL serving platter/large sandwich plate by J&G Meakin (England). Ref no 391413. Rock fern..


J&G Meakin SOL design 'Rock fern' bowl, 50s

1950s SOL bowl by J&G Meakin (England). Ref no 391413.Rock fern design, in natural browns/golds ..


J&G Meakin Studio Bali coffee pot, Alan Rogers 1968 retro

A lovely hardly-used example of this collectable teapot/coffee pot from the late 60s. White china wi..


J&G Meakin Studio cream/milk jug/gravy boat. White with grey Scraffito pattern

Here's a J&G Meakin studio shallow jug. Probably a small gravy boat. It's in the Scraffito patte..


JAJ dark red/burgandy retro cups with glass, pair

A pair of JAJ dark red/burgandy pyrex retro cups with glass removable inners. Made in England in the..


JAJ pair bright yellow retro cups with glass. Camping/VW

A pair of JAJ pure yellow pyrex retro cups with glass removable inners. Made in England in the 70s/8..


Jorgen Jensen pewter 1950s bracelet/cuff, Denmark

Hallmarked and signed 'Handmade. Pewter. 790. Jorgen Jensen. Denmark.'A handmade adjustable bracelet..


Kosta Boda 'Monday' by Bertil Vallien, Sweden. Glass wink dish

A lovely collectable contemporary art glass dish by Kosta Boda. A modernist design. The artist Berti..


Kosta Boda Snowballs x3, three nightlight holders/votives, glass

A set of three used Kosta Boda Snowballs - contemporary collectable small candle holders and table c..


Large cased shallow blue controlled bubble glass dish/bowl/ashtray

A beautifully simple glass dish with blue inner and clear outer. The blue inner colour has small con..


Large oval pale mauve chunky glass bowl/ashtray, 70s

A lovely curvy heavy glass ashtray. It's 60s/70s and quite large. Ideal for nibbles or as a bowl. 20..


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