All items are described to the best of my ability. I'm not an expert in all areas so some descriptions may be vague or suggest a maker or style, but the item may not be by that maker.
To the best of my knowledge all items are 'vintage' or 'retro' and not modern reproductions. Items are second-hand and used and have been pre-owned and loved by me.

Any items with any imperfections have the flaws described in the item text or marked on photos. By buying a vintage or retro item you understand that the item is secondhand and is used and in a used condition with some level of wear for its age. Where an item is above or below average condition it has been described as such. Please study the photos and read the descriptions before any purchase. By buying an item you are agreeing to its current condition and price.

Any manufacturing flaws have not been highlighted, as bubbles in glass or glaze (for example) are part of the original design and manufacturing process.

Colours on photos may not be accurate or represent true colourings, I've tried my best to enhance pics!

I've not repaired or deep cleaned any items, just mildly surface cleaned/buffed up. Again, I'm no expert so have left things alone.

Where an item is no longer available and you have paid, I will refund you in full. I may have similar items in stock so may suggest a replacement alternative item.

If you are not happy with any item please contact me first. I'm happy to take items back and refund you.
Please let me know within 24 hours if something has broken in the post or if you're not happy.

Please email me via the CONTACT US form in the first instance if you have any problems. I'll endeavour to reply to email within 24 hours.

All items have free P&P included in the price.

UK only! (sorry - please contact me first if you're outside UK).